About Me

Foremost, I’m a wife and mother.  Yep, my blog title most certainly refers to the fact that I love to run, and I love to write and read race recaps.  But, I also love to vent write about the trials and tribulations of life with a second grader and a four year old.  Sometimes I’ll wax poetic, and other times I’ll talk about the funny and crazier things my kids get up to: like how the bathroom ALWAYS ends up with an inch of water on the floor when they get into the tub together…
I also LOVE reading and try to get through about a book a week.  I always have about 50 books in my 'to read' list and take about an hour deciding which one to pick next.  I love getting recommendations and commiserating on them, so feel free to join me over on Goodreads!
One might say I'm a very organized anal retentive individual, and one of my favorite ways to excercise this aspect of my personality is to plan our weekly menus.  I'm a huge fan of recipe roundups (er, and cooking!) and figured this would be a fun way to contribute mine, as well as some recipes along the way.
And, last but not least, I'm also very passionate about fitness. I’ve been active in some way as far back as I can remember. At least as far back as age seven when I was competing at state meets in the 25 meter freestyle. I continued swimming throughout my childhood and into high school (and I've certainly had great role models growing up).  Even though I didn't continue swimming in college, I always did some form of exercise. I started running and doing step aerobics to keep the Freshman 15 at bay. (I even have a Reebok step in my house right now that sometimes sees the light of day, if I have a sick kid and can't make it out to the Y.) I didn't exactly 'enjoy' running but it got results. After my youngest turned one a few years ago, I decided I needed to have a goal and get out of my comfort zone/rut of solely relying on boot camp and a few 3 mile runs a week to stay motivated. So I trained for and ran the Seattle Half Marathon, and loved the whole experience. I realized that the reason I didn't love running initially was because I was always running short distances and that I really enjoy myself after getting through the first two to three miles of any run (even in a 5K race). It’s become addictive to get into that zone and helps me stay healthy/sane while running around after two small kiddos.  Now I run a race about once a month (also as part of the Oiselle team that supports my addiction) and talk a lot about my training and race recaps.  Who knows, maybe soon I’ll be documenting my first full marathon…
Thanks for stopping by!  Here's a random list, in no particular order, of things I adore and can talk nonstop about.  If you ever meet me in person, please feel free to avoid/embrace these subjects depending upon your point of view:
Las Vegas, Cirque du Soleil, Mexico, Oiselle, Pugs, Portillos hot dogs, Chicago style pizza, tex-mex food/margaritas, salted caramel, Starbucks drive thru, being left handed, Breaking Bad, 24, Six Feet Under, Battlestar Galactica... ok television in general, Sci Fi and action flicks, Simon Pegg, Baz Luhrmann, American Beauty, Garden State, Scott Pilgrim vs the World, Eurotrip... ok movies in general, my Kindle, the GPS/backup camera in my car, Trader Joes, Seattle weather, Space Camp (the place, not the movie - yes, I went to camp there!)


  1. I realized too late that you already received the Liebster Award, but I nominated you as well! http://howmyworldruns.com/2012/12/16/liebster-award-completely-humbled-and-excited/

    1. Thanks for the s/o on the blog and the Liebster Love! always SO appreciated :))