This Week's Eats

There's something to be said for doing a whole lotta nothing over the weekend.  I'm sitting here trying to think of anything interesting that happened over the last two days to share with y'all and I can't come up with ANYTHING.  The weather finally cooled off and it was so lovely to open the windows, get the house really clean, and spend lots of time in the backyard.  As much as I get antsy not having a schedule during the summer, I'll certainly miss the leisurely pace of it all.  Without further ado...

  • Monday - Pizza, yes, Pizza
  • Tuesday - Mediterranean chicken pasta
  • Wednesday - turkey burgers (1/2 pound of ground turkey with a little egg, breadcrumbs, cilantro, chopped garlic, jalapeno and onion, along with a ton of southwest spices: chili powder, cumin, oregano and cayenne and throw 'em on the grill and add sliced pepperjack cheese)
  • Thursday - Pioneer Woman's spicy pulled pork
  • Friday - skillet lasagna (moved this back from last week, it just felt too hot to sit down to a lasagna dinner, so we just made sandwiches)
  • Saturday - Top sirloin steaks with herb butter, baked potatoes and wedge salads (iceberg lettuce, blue cheese, tomatoes, red onion and bacon).  We did steak last Saturday; I thought we might enjoy the flatiron cut and it just wasn't that great, so we're having a bit of a do-over with our beloved Omaha Steaks!
  • Sunday - 'Autumn' Chopped Salad it's not quite Autumn, but since preseason football is on TV already, I think we can sit down to watch it eating this salad I found on Pinterest...


  1. Can I come over every night for dinner? ;)

    1. Me too. Seriously, yum. I might have to start using your weekly meal plans for myself...

    2. haha! I get that a lot - maybe one day I'll have a big bloggity dinner and invite y'all :) I hope it inspires weekly menu planning, or any home cooking: that's the idea! I love roundups, too, so I thought it'd be fun to include mine on the blog. Foodlushblog.com does a fun weekly one.

  2. I love seeing other families' menus. I am in a rut this week. That means that we throw dinner together in five minutes and hope everyone survives it.

    1. YES! I love hearing about friends menus and sharing recipes, so that was my thinking with sharing our weekly plans. a rut week is always a good excuse to try new takeout or restaurants :)



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